10 SUP Yoga Poses for Beginners
10 SUP Yoga Poses for Beginners

It’s quite intimidating and funny to practice Yoga on water. Performing yoga on land is quite challenging, just imagine doing Yoga on a paddleboard over water, it seems quite impossible and immensely scary.

But amusingly, SUP yoga is very soothing, for example, you can feel your wet feet doing Yoga and there are many feet poses which are the interesting ones.

There are some great reasons to perform yoga on a SUP. There exist some poses in Yoga which have to be done on water just because of their craziness.

Just imagine doing a headstand Yoga pose over water and watching your legs floating in sky contained in a colossal blue including both sky and water. It’s impossible to forget such an experience.

So, here are the Top 10 poses of Yoga that have to be done on SUP. These Yoga poses listed below can be balanced on SUP.

It’s impossible to forget such an experience. So, here are the Top 10 poses of Yoga that have to be done on SUP. These Yoga poses listed below can be balanced on SUP.

Sup Yoga Positions For Beginners


This is a basic yoga pose to start with. You just need to spread your fingers wide and pedal your feet. It also helps you to connect with your breath and water.

2.Chair Pose

This position will help you to strength your legs and core. Don’t differentiate your feet, they must be close and it also helps you too make your hip distance wider.

3.Modified Crescent Lunge

This is a great pose to open your hips, psoas and quadriceps, just press your feet in the board and engage the core.

4.Warrior 2

Warrior 2 is the toughest pose to do on board. It’s quite easy if you perform regularly. Move or bend slowly and try to touch your fingertips in the front and back. It makes you strong, calm and fresh.

5.Boat Pose

Boat Pose is a great pose to speed up the movement of blood and to build core strength. You just need to straighten your legs and make them reach the sky by lowering them front way down and lifting back to the sky.

6.Malasana/Garland pose

Garland is a pose which opens your hips and stretches your legs. You just need to bring your feet wide, lower your back and join your palms.


Headstand pose is quite risky and tricky to do. You need to flip your headstand and blood rushes down heavily towards your head. You can just see blue everywhere, on water and in the sky.

8.Thread the Needle.

This is the best prevention for your back pain. You just need to stretch your shoulders and wring out your spine then decrease the stress between your vertebrate. Just lay down your front part and turn a side.

9.Full wheel

Full wheel is like doing a stunt on SUP. Just lengthen your spine and bend it backwards, stretch your abdomen and try to touch the ground by opening your chest at the back.


Savasana is the most favorite and easiest pose of Yoga. It’s quite funny to do on paddleboard. The meaning of Savasana itself is to sleep. You just need to float along the water.


Jani has explored yoga with Janne Kontala, his life-long teacher and friend. He has been practicing both Hatha and Ashtanga yoga everyday since then and they have become an integral part of his spiritual experience.

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