Essential Oils

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Cuticle Oil

What Is Cuticle Oil? How To Make It?

Cuticles are “there for a reason, like a shield for the nail matrix.” says Richard Scher, a Cornell University dermatology professor. Your cuticle is part of your skin and...
Heath Benefits and Usage Of Vetiver Oil

Heath Benefits and Usage Of Vetiver Oil

Vetiver or Khus Khus is a long, fibrous, aromatic roots of an Indian grass which is used for making hangings and screens and yielding oil used in...
Health Benefits Of Fenugreek Oil

Amazing Health Benefits Of Fenugreek Oil That You Should Know

Fenugreek oil which is extracted from fenugreek seed has many health benefits.It is commonly used for curing hair and skin issues.Also it has been used for breast enlargement. This...
Black Currant Essential Oil

Black Currant Essential Oil : Health Benefits,Uses,Properties

Black Currant Essential Oil essential oil has been derived from the black currant plant.The blackcurrant plant (scientific name: Ribes nigrum) is a woody shrub (Family: Grossulariaceae) which usually grows for its berries. The...
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